Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Threadless Loves Democracy 2

Finished figuring out what I want to do with the lineart. Thinking about trying illustrator for the lines. I would have worked on this yesterday, but we had a tropical storm come through! Our power went out from around 5am to 12:15pm. The storm started around...2 or 3 am? That's prime drawing time, man.

I'm trying to make this design 'readable' at various distances/sizes. The contest prizes range from being printed on bottles of Jones Soda (small), to posters (large). So I want big basic shapes (small), then detail inbetween the lines (large). A lot of the detail will be done with colors, I think.

Here's what I'm going for in terms of how the image will be 'read' by a viewer.

Small: Executive-type holding a baby-shaped object and a bunch of smile faces are pointing at him, 'choosing' him. I'm going to work on the text a little bit more, but it's still readable when I zoom way out in Photoshop. This shows the basic democracy idea.

Large: Executive-type holding a baby and flowers, a bunch of smile faces are pointing at him, 'choosing' him. You can see now that not everybody is happy with this, but majority vote wins. The most enthusiastic people are on top, content people in the middle, and sad people on the bottom. The ones at the very bottom are literally stomped on. This shows the basic democracy idea, but goes into a little more detail regarding the process (majority wins/not everybody wins, the family man image that canidates currently try to have, etc).

It sounds complicated, but I think that most of the thought process happens in the first few seconds of viewing. I think the basic version of everything is more like the first glance, and the second glance you start to see the details of it all.

Anyway, just wanted to share a little bit of my thought process for the image.

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