Monday, September 29, 2008

Knight Rider GPS, a sketch, and kitty update

First of all:

That is just badass.

Secondly, since I haven't posted any art in a while - here's something I did while messing around in Photoshop last night. About three hours so far. Experimenting, timidly as usual, with faces.

And last of all, an update on my missing cat. We found him!

Gui is our fatty cat, but he was so skinny when Adam brought him in. He'd been hanging out underneath the house, and snooping in the garbage at night.

Some way or another, he tore a big hole in his arm (originally about an inch long or so?). You can see the muscles and everything, and the skin just slides over it. Adam's mom found an open vet the next morning. The wound had gotten bigger overnight, and another little hole had opened up next to it.

The vet says that he has an infection, so he's on antibiotics. His bandage has to be changed every day - sometimes more than once, because he is an escape artist - because the wound has to heal from the inside out. There wasn't enough skin for stitches.

But he's doing a lot better now. Right now he's lying next to me, passed out with all the other cats. :)


  1. gps. HA.

    cat story. sorry. and also, pretty gross. but sorry.

    nice digital painting! i like your work cause you are like my old school internet friends. not tshirts. more digital painters and true illustrators. not posers.